I Think You Should Leave Convention

Saturday, May 21, 2022


Oliver's Pizza & Pub North

3300 W. Willow Knolls Dr.

Peoria, IL 61614

itysl house.jpeg

We are pleased to host the latest passion project of the obsessed minds who brought you the Oliver's Trivia Series: the I Think You Should Leave Convention, sponsored by The Shops at the Creek.  

More than half of the tickets sold have been purchased by ITYSL fans from out of state, so we are really looking forward to meeting fellow ITYSL enthusiasts from across the country!

The ITYSL-Con will feature several interactive booths/displays (renting tables from Carrie, of course, because they're her livelihood), activities, themed food and beverages, plenty of awesome merch--basically the fully-immersive experience you have come to expect from our themed events.  

In addition to all of the fun stuff to see and do at the event,

the $20.00 ticket price includes:

1. A big pour of wine

2. and popcorn

3. Special souvenir

If you are not familiar with I Think You Should Leave, you will not enjoy this event at all.  If you are as fanatical about the show as we are, however, you really should not miss this totally off-the-wall event.  


Both the series and the event are/will be full of profanity, so the event is limited to guests 21 years of age or older (but we might make an exception for Bart Harley Jarvis or the Little Buff Boys).  

Thanks to an outpouring of support from ITYSL fans across the United States, we sold out of tickets on April 11, 2022.  However, some ticketholders have and/or will run into scheduling conflicts.  For this reason, we are starting a waitlist to match buyers with ticketholders who would like to sell their tickets to other fans.  If you would like us to reach out to you if and when any tickets become available on the secondary market, please fill out the form below.  

Update 5/2/2022:

We are absolutely floored by the number of guests who have joined our wait list, and we want to be able to invite as many of you to attend the event as possible.

We have rented two spacious portable toilets (no mudpies!) for the event, which will potentially allow us to invite more guests.  However, we will only be able to release more tickets if the weather is pleasant on the date of the event.  This presents three possible scenarios:

1. The weather forecast as of 5/19/22 shows warm weather and no potential for rain or extreme wind on 5/21/22.  Additional pre-sell tickets will become available on a first-come, first-served basis to all waitlisted guests on 5/19/22.

2. The weather forecast as of 5/19/22 shows possible cold and/or rainy and/or windy conditions.  Any additional tickets will be released either online on the date of the event (when good weather is confirmed), or on site at Oliver's. 

3. The weather forecast is predicted as and actually is abysmal for 5/21/22, and we are unable to release any additional tickets.


We will keep our waitlisted guests posted if the releasing of additional tickets is likely.  Thank you for your interest in our event!  We cannot wait to meet you!

Ticket Waitlist

Scheduled Events (Thus far)


Sloppy Steak-Eating Contest

Cost: +$20 per participant


Fashion Show Sponsored by

Dan Flashes

Cost: Free


"The Night the Skeletons Came to Life"


Cost: Free


"Magicians SUCK!"

Cost: Free

Let's slop 'em up!  Only pieces of sh-- are invited to participate.  Participants will receive an engraved Truffoni's steak knife.

Do you have what it takes to be a Dan Flashes superstar--namely $150-$2000 in per diem to spend on shirts?  Strut your stuff in your most complicated shirts, and the most valuable shirt-wearer will receive a prize.

Enjoy a live rendition of "The Night the Skeletons Came to Life" and sing your heart out!  But don't sing too loudly, or the skeletons will pull your hair (up, but not out).  

Watch in awe as local magician Mitch Williams performs strolling close-up magic.  It's fun for folks of all income levels (even those who make 10x as much as he does).

Questions? Suggestions?


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