I Think You Should Leave Convention

Saturday, May 21, 2022


itysl house.jpeg

We are pleased to announce the latest passion project of the obsessed minds who brought you the Oliver's Trivia Series: the I Think You Should Leave Convention, sponsored by The Shops at the Creek.  

Tickets will be available for sale in early 2022, but we wanted to announce the date early so that you have the opportunity to book your transportation, room at the Larboard Oaks Mansion, and so forth.  

We are planning quite a few interactive booths (renting tables from Carrie, of course, because they're her livelihood), activities, themed food and beverages, plenty of awesome merch--basically the fully-immersive experience you have come to expect from our themed events.  

If you are not familiar with I Think You Should Leave, you will not enjoy this event at all.  If you are as fanatical about the show as we are, however, you really should not miss this totally off-the-wall event.  


Both the series and the event are/will be full of profanity, so the event is limited to guests 21 years of age or older (but we might make an exception for Bart Harley Jarvis or the Little Buff Boys).  

Events (Thus far)


Sloppy Steak-Eating Contest

Cost: $20 per participant


Fashion Show Sponsored by

Dan Flashes

Cost: Free


"The Night the Skeletons Came to Life"


Cost: Free

Let's slop 'em up!  Only pieces of sh-- are invited to participate.  Participants will receive an engraved Truffoni's steak knife.

Do you have what it takes to be a Dan Flashes superstar--namely $150-$2000 in per diem to spend on shirts?  Strut your stuff in your most complicated shirts, and the most valuable shirt-wearer will receive a prize.

Enjoy a live rendition of "The Night the Skeletons Came to Life" and sing your heart out!  But don't sing too loudly, or the skeletons will pull your hair (up, but not out).  

Questions? Suggestions?


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