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       Have you been to our Toluca location before? 

        Why not come out on Sunday, September 3?


For one glorious day--the day of the annual Toluca Labor Day Celebration--Oliver's is welcoming you to travel from Oliver's to, well, Oliver's!  That's right, kiddos, we are taking a party shuttle from 1231 E. Samuel Avenue to 108 S. Main Street to celebrate Labor Day TOLUCA-STYLE.  The trip will only cost you $5, and there are TONS of fun things to do once you arrive:

1. Bocce Ball Tournament from 12:00pm-?

2. Carnival rides and games

3. Marketplace Selections craft beer van right outside of Oliver's Main Street Pub for optimal outdoor drinking pleasure

4. Great bars and shops along Main Street--SO AWESOME!

5. Live music from 9:00pm-1:00am

6. Great food, great people, and a great time!

7. Safe rides to and from Peoria Heights every 2 hours!


If anyone from Toluca wants to head to Oliver's Peoria Heights just for giggles, we encourage that too!


Click here for information on the Toluca Labor Day Celebration!



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