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Oliver's Pizza & Pub North Peoria


3300 W. Willow Knolls Dr.

Peoria, Illinois 61614












Oliver's Pizza & Pub North (or "North," for short) is Peoria's premier destination for rare and specialty craft beers, handmade pizza & pub food, friendly service, and warm atmosphere.  Our restored 19th century farmhouse provides a cool, comfortable, and unique setting for dinner dates, family meals, or happy hours with clients.  North is the type of place where you will be comfortable dressed up or dressed down, in the afternoon or late at night!  As we are a Peoria-based company, North has been our flagship store since its remodel in 2013. 

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What we're known for at North:  Homemade thin-crust pizza, hand-pattied 100% Alwan & Sons ground chuck burgers, unique selection of craft beers, huge outdoor seating area, trivia nights, and our friendly staff!


What we're proud of:  We make our food from scratch using our very own recipes and the finest ingredients money can buy.  Restaurants like ours--that use fresh, whole ingredients instead of frozen bags of processed food

--are a dying breed, but we refuse to sacrifice quality for the sake of doing things faster or cheaper.  The result is a product we can be proud of and quality that our guests can depend on.  


Why North is worth a visit:  We have the privilege of serving the absolute best people in Peoria on a regular basis.  When you walk into North, not only will you be greeted with a smile by our staff, but you will notice a general air of pleasantness among our guests as well.  The vibe at our restaurant is indescribably warm & friendly, and that is thanks to all of the people within its walls.  There's nothing else in Peoria like Oliver's North, and we like it that way.   

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