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Your Dutiful Hosts



The Oliver's Trivia Series is hosted by Max & Julie Motherway. 

Max & Julie are siblings and lifelong besties whose entertainment careers began in the 1980s with a 'my first Sony' and a 'Record' button.  

Max is the Talent Management Specialist for James Kelly Law Firm in Peoria, Illinois, and Julie oversees operations for the Oliver's restaurants in Peoria, Toluca, & Edwardsville.  Both Motherways have helped plan and execute special events at Oliver's for more than a decade.

Max & Julie's shared interests of event planning, playing games, great television and films, and craft beer + pizza have culminated into a truly unique entertainment experiences that we hope you will enjoy as much as they do!

In September 2021, Oliver's greenlighted our first-ever fan meet-up/convention, which took place on May 21, 2022 for the Emmy-winning Netflix Original Comedy Series I Think You Should Leave.  With the support of Oliver's and ITYSL fans around the country, the ITYSL-Con was our most ambitious and immersive entertainment experience to date.  We continued the tradition on August 5, 2023, and ITYSL-Con will return in 2024!

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